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Self Care Made Simple

Are you one of those people who walk around in pain all day? Hunched over their phone, tablet, and/or computer! If you are, then you need to incorporate Simple Self Care into your daily routine!! In this program you will learn and create a self-care routine to save you time and money, but also increase your productivity. Now that’s Simple!!

Effective Stretches for the Office Worker

Five Stretches you can do in Five Minutes, for daily use to eliminate tension and pain. These can be performed while seated at your desk or while standing.

NEW! Part 2- Five More Stretches in Five Minutes!



Unlock your Speaking Abilities

In this presentation, Sabrina shares her transformation story of going from shy to confident! Then she gives the keys that helped her to unlock her speaking abilities. She pulls from her six years experience as a Woodridge Toastmaster, an active speaker, and incorporates her extensive knowledge gained from being a massage therapist. Sabrina emphasizes being in touch with your body, improving posture, and mindful breathing; this adds a unique spin to this presentation. By the end you will feel confident with these essential skills while public speaking, leading meetings, or interviewing.