Sabrina Schottenhamel is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Professional Speaker. She has been mastering Massage Therapy for nearly 13 years now and has operated her own business, Be Touched Massage for almost a decade! Sabrina started speaking after she felt a strong passion to share with others what she had come to learn through her own life-experience about Self-Care and building Quality Relationships. Though various Healing-Touch and Hosting Workshops, Professional Speaking mixed with the Healing Arts has become a perfect blend for Sabrina to express her sincere desire and Life-Passion for adding value as well as personal comfort to any and everyone who would be willing to receive it.

Sabrina has engaged with a myriad of Networking Groups, Corporations and Small Businesses over her expanse as a Professional Speaker and Traveling Massage Therapist; sharing her wealth of Knowledge and Experiential Wisdom wherever she goes. Sabrina and Be Touched Massage are part of several highly esteemed Professional Networking and Speaking Groups, among them are: Exceptional Services Network, Engaging Speakers, Toastmasters International and National Speakers Association, IL Chapter.


Be Touched by Words Workshops & Presentations:

  • Three Keys to Unlock Your Speaking Abilities

  • Why you deserve to be happy

  • Five Simple Self-Care Techniques

  • Building Quality Relationships

  • Why you deserve to be Happy!